An analysis of progressive historians

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American Progressive History

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The Social Suicide of the Revolution. Progressive Historians the book should really be called Historians of the Progressive Era, arguing that their brand of historical analysis is fatally flawed/5(3). The Progressive historians were dedicated to using history as a means of understanding the dynamics of American society.

which he used in his analysis of the. History Standard 3: Students will compare competing historical narratives, by contrasting different historians’ choice of questions, use and choice of sources, perspectives, beliefs, and points of view, in order to demonstrate how these factors contribute to different interpretations.

The "Progressive" historians, dominant in the later s and the s, added another, and exciting dimension to the analysis of the causes of the American Revolution. For they added the important economic dimension — the struggles over the British attempt to impose taxes, mercantile restrictions, and a monopoly over the importation of tea into the colonies.

Breisach’s exceptionally broad and subtle analysis reveals American Progressive history to be an important and innovative experiment in the international quest for a New History, as well as a coherent school of thought in its own right.

The Historiography of Progressivism historians in using the term “progressivism to seek a more neutral language that is better suited to impartial analysis.

An analysis of progressive historians
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American Progressive History: An Experiment in Modernization, Breisach