Ethical case studies in speech pathology

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Medical ethics, human rights and law. Circumcision is more than a medical or health issue. Bodily integrity is recognized as a fundamental human right, basic to the autonomy of the individual and guaranteed by law.

However, little is known about ethical dilemmas experienced by speech-language pathologists working in private practice settings. The aim of this qualitative study was to describe the nature of ethical dilemmas experienced by speech-language pathologists working in private practice.

Helen Sharp, Applying Ethical Decision Making in Speech-Language Pathology, employed by Western Michigan University. Disclosure: Financial - The presenter, Helen Sharp, received a stipend from LinguiSystems, Inc. for presenting Applying Ethical Decision Making in Speech Language Pathology.

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Free Ethics Course for Speech Language Pathologists Course Type: Video Successfully navigate contentious situations when confronted with an ethical dilemma. Learn about the origin of ethics, how professions address ethical issues, and dissect intriguing case studies supplied by speech pathologists.

A Doody's Core Title for ! Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine: Contemporary Readings in Bioethics, Eighth Edition, is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art anthology that covers both traditional and emerging issues in the field of biomedical ethics with engaging case studies and reflective papers written by leading of the book’s seven parts begins with a helpful introduction.

Ethical case studies in speech pathology
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